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2017 Retreat and Dinner & Dance Malaysia – Melaka
Year 2017
December 2017

2017 Retreat and Dinner & Dance Malaysia - Melaka

17 Dec 2017

Road trip to Melaka for our 2017 annual retreat and dinner & dance. On 15 December 2017, our company’s retreat brought us to the southern part of the Peninsular of Malaysia, Melaka!

Malacca City (also spelled Melaka) is the capital of the coastal state of Malacca, in southwestern Malaysia. At its center, Jonker Street, Chinatown’s main thoroughfare, is known for antique shops and its night market. Nearby, the 17th-century Chinese Cheng Hoon Teng temple has ornate decorations and multiple prayer halls. A green, 3-tiered roof tops the 18th-century, Javanese-influenced Kampung Kling Mosque.

Our journey to Melaka started right after work on a Friday evening as we traveled for almost 2.5 hours from Singapore. Albeit the tiring journey, most of us recharged ourselves through short naps during the journey. We were given a very warm welcome from the social committee upon arrival at the Hotel Equitorial were we stayed for 2 nights with a view overlooking the Malacca City.

The event was kicked off with a workshop the next morning followed with a team bonding activities where we were sent on a food trail race in Jonker’s street, solving puzzles and buying local food which most of us have not tried before. And you guessed it right, we ended up eating all those delicious local delicacies from the food race followed by a sumptuous steamboat dinner near our hotel.

The last part of the team bonding on our 3rd day involved building a tower with strings and sticks and more puzzle and communication games. Though not as exciting as the food race, we enjoyed every bit of it. The team bonding activities were purposeful. Lunch after the team bonding activities was a mixed of delicious peranakan and local food at the hotel.

As per our tradition, the final night of our stay ended with a pirate themed dinner and dance where we were entertained with lots of food, drinks and performances by an awesome local Jazz band.

Yet another great retreat organised by our social committee. Well done!