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Managing Agent Services

We provide consultancy services that shall be led by our Directors/Associates. Our proposed scope of services, are as follows:
Design Stage

To provide input and advice to architects/designers/M&E consultants on the maintenance aspect during the design/construction period.

Initial Stage
  1. Review of Development

    We shall review all aspects of the development including furnishing of a report for the planning and execution of maintenance management within two months after the development is completed.

  2. Budget/Maintenance Charges

    To assist in the budget/costings for the client.

Action Stage
  1. Energy Management

    We shall draw up measures to ensure efficient and cost effective usage of utilities in the Buildings, including training staff for energy checks and energy conservation programme.

  2. Maintenance Management

    We shall perform regular building condition surveys and maintenance checks in accordance with customized building checklists; response time for rectification of defects; correspondence with tenants and local authorities; sourcing for contractors and supervision of works.

  3. Administration Management

    We shall act & advise on maintenance of records, files of correspondence, documents etc. related to the development including preparation and issue of documents.

  4. Financial Management

    We shall perform accounts services required under the Act, including financial controls, budget estimates, income generation and forecast capital expenditure.

  5. Project Management

    We can be consulted and entrusted to manage major renovation/refurbishment of the Buildings at a fee to be separately negotiated.

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