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At A4 International Pte Ltd, we believe in providing the best for our clients as well as our employees. On top of the personalized and tailored services we offer to our clients, we acknowledged the need to simplify and automate our processes so that more time and attention can be directed in managing our client’s properties as well as to improve work efficiencies for our employees.

Introducing A4 International Estate Management App, the mobile app which enables our property officers to perform onsite estate maintenance checks more efficiently, access to our data management system for useful and relevant information and to make better and faster decisions in their day to day tasks.

A4 International Estate Management Mobile App is designed to value-add in managing our client’s properties.


Captures the property officer’s attendance and location in real-time. The property officer assigned to the client’s estate is only able to time in to his attendance at the estate’s location through the Attendance module. With the attendance data, the managers have clearer visibility of the operations team and is able to plan resources better and respond to clients and contractors quicker.


Estate Maintenance Checklist

Efficient maintenance checks and improved defects/incidents reporting. The property officer will only be able to perform the mandatory maintenance checks at the estate’s location to prevent manipulation of data. Also, when a defects or incident is discovered, an incident report can be created immediately on-site with photos attached and is sent to stakeholders’ emails for rectification works, follow-up actions and tracking purposes. Our data management system will alert the property officer and stakeholders when an incident report is not resolved within the stipulated time so that immediate actions can be taken.


Contractors List

Faster access to contractors’ information on the go. The Contractors module stores all the estate’s contractors’ information i.e. contract renewal dates and last visit/maintenance date and can be accessed on the go. To prevent any lapse in the service contracts, our data management system sends alerts to the property officer when a contract is nearing expiry so that the renewal process can begin. The property officer is also able to access the vast list of approved contractors to supplement the estate’s needs when called for.

The information is encrypted and securely stored in our cloud-based data management system and is available 24/7 to allow us to make better and faster decision.

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